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You had said, Yes To The Dress, CONGRATULATIONS!!! ❦

Now, it’s time to focus on this small details that will make a big difference in how you will feel on this very anticipated day!

By now, we hope you had enough time to choose the right accessories you would like to wear. If not, please rush back to your bridal consultat and book a ACCESORIES appointment. She will give you the best advise on everything you might need, or wonder. Don’t forget to ask about the kind of undergarments that is recommended for your gown.

*Please remember to bring your undergarments and shoes to your first fitting.

Thank you for stoping by and book your first fitting. We look so forward to working with you!


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BRIDE-FIRST Wedding Gown Fitting👰


🌷At your Bridal Gown first fitting.🌷

*Bride must have the right undergarments and shoes. The ones you wish to wear on your special day! In case of needing to buy underskirt, shoes or even veils, please book a separate accessories appointment directly with the salon.
*Bringing maid of honor is recommended but not obligatory.
*500kr must be paid at your first appointment. (This will then be deducted from the final price of your alterations.)
*The price of the fitting appointment does NOT INCLUDE the price of the alterations work needed to be done.
*If you want an estimate, please ask at the end of your first fitting.
*The alterations price vary from gown to gown and bride to bride. The more work you need or wish, the more expensive.
*For out-of-town brides: 24 hours alteration could be offered if booked in advanced. Please check our rush fee. Also send us a text message with your name and preferred day for more information. 9530 2071 (This is based on the fact that for those 24hrs all other brides are put on hold).

BRIDE-SECOND/Last Wedding Gown Fitting💐


Trying on your wedding gown after the alterations.

-In most cases, your gown fits good and it’s ready to be taken home.
-Alterations most be pay in full.
-Formal steaming it’s not included. (Most brides are traveling with their gowns.)

24 Hours Rush Alterations💙


OUT OF TOWN BRIDES ONLY we offer a one day alterations service.

This is for a bride that normally fly in one day and leaves the day after.
Please make sure to make your appointment at least two months in advance so that we can have the tailors qualified for this kind of fitting at the studio.

For any questions please contact:
Sandra 47 95 30 20

Price does not include the cost of alterations. (Work done on the gown.)

Please remember your shoes and accesories.

Party Dress Tailoring


No wedding gowns, yet special!

Maid of Honor
Mother of the bride
Flower Girls
Summer dresses

Men Attire


Suits, Business, Casual men clothing.

SMC Special


One and half hour appointment for a fitting of redesign wedding gown, special design dress, custom made veil-Bolero-Cape-Belt or reception dress.
Please don't book these appointment unless you need something out of the basics of a regular fitting as this appointments takes much more time for us then a regular fitting, also its more expensive for you.

General Consultation


No sure if this is the dress-outfit you will use.
Have you done alterations at other studio and have questions about it.
Wonder how much a small change would look in your gown.
Please NOTE this appointment will not be for more then 25-30min max.

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